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About the Preparedness Impact Project


In May 2015, the Directors of Public Health Preparedness (DPHPs) and Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) partnered with national committees and associations to launch the Preparedness Impact Project.


The Preparedness Impact Project Steering Committee launched in December 2016 to coordinate the preparedness community’s communication and education efforts.


The vision of the Preparedness Impact Project is to protect America’s health, safety, and security by ensuring the sustainability of preparedness funding through communication and policy efforts.


The Preparedness Impact Project aims to achieve the vision by:

  • Identifying and focusing on the most important policy issues affecting preparedness efforts

  • Developing a cadre of stakeholders and partners (champions) that can carry project messages

  • Developing clear and action-oriented materials that articulate the contribution to state and local public health and importance of state and local preparedness efforts

  • Getting the materials into the hands of the right people to further our reach

  • Tracking our educational outreach efforts


The Preparedness Impact Project aims to inform and equip the following champions with preparedness-specific communication materials: 

  • State and local public health directors

  • State and local public health department leadership

  • State hospital associations

  • National committees and associations 


The Preparedness Impact Project aims to educate the following audiences:

  • Congress

  • Other decision-makers and policy-makers

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